Fox News and Tucker Carlson, a extreme right-winger who took advantage of his position

On the talk show to gain an unwavering influence on Tucker Carlson, the right-wing extremist who dominated the Republican Party

the network have severed relations, the network announced in a dramatic announcement that stunned the political and media arenas Monday.

Carlson is the most-rated single host on Fox News, did not respond to numerous requests for comments

However, according to a source who has knowledge of the matter the host was notified of the decision to remove the host on Monday morning.

The announcement was made a month following Fox News settled a monster defamation suit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million for its publication of false information about elections

A lawsuit brought on March 1st by the fired most popular booker Abby Grossberg, also included several allegations of sexism that he had exhibited on his show.