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MC Stan is one of the most iconic rappers in India and is renowned for his energetic stage performances. He hails from Pune and belongs to the new school of hip hop. With millions of YouTube subscribers and his unique style, he has amassed an enormous following online.

Abdu Rozik recently hosted an Instagram live session where he announced he is no longer speaking to rapper MC Stan and accused fans of the latter of trolling him and making abusive comments against Abdu.

MC Stan Phone Number

MC Stan is widely revered online for his captivating rhymes and has amassed an enormous fan following. His hit songs have proven immensely popular and soon enough, he will make his movie debut! MC has over 225,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and continues to improve himself daily.

Originating in Pune, he has quickly become one of the biggest icons in both hip-hop and rap music scenes across India. With numerous hit records to his credit and an ever-increasing fan base due to his lyrical dexterity and electrifying stage presence he has garnered him an enormous fan base.

His music expresses a strong sense of social responsibility, often addressing political and cultural issues through song. A multi-talented artist, he can sing, write and compose songs – his musical compositions reflect his deep personal experiences and struggles as well as being gifted public speakers.

MC Stan has a girlfriend named Niya whom can be seen together in several of his early songs. Though they have been in a relationship for some time now, neither party has disclosed publicly their status; nonetheless, it can be assumed they are committed. Although their relationship does face obstacles as it remains to be tested.

About MC Stan Contact Details

MC Stan is an Indian rapper best known for winning Bigg Boss season 16. With an immense fan base across India and Pakistan, his songs have gone viral. Known for his unique style and wavy flow that sets him apart from other rappers. Furthermore, his social consciousness makes him stand out.

mc stan phone number
mc stan phone number

His song Wata has become a hit, receiving praise from Bollywood celebrities. Unfortunately, however, his music has also caused much debate; many accuse him of using offensive lyrics that disrespect women while bullying rivals; however despite these allegations of his large following on Instagram and YouTube.

Recently, Travis Scott took an unconventional step when performing in Hyderabad by pausing to assist audience members who required medical assistance during his show. This gesture was warmly received by fans; some even made comparisons to Travis Scott’s situation wherein he continued singing without stopping his performance to assist those suffering illness.

Since his victory on MC Stan has embarked on an India tour. He has performed at various locations and gained wide acclaim across India – his latest single Khuja Mat has amassed more than 35 million views!

Overview of MC Stan Mobile Number

Article related to MC Stan
Information Given Contact Detail
Age of MC Stand 23 years
Occupation Rapper
Worth of MC Stan 3 Million
Name of Girlfriend Buba
Nationality Indian
Birth Date 30th August 2023
Post Category Contact Numbers

MC Stan is well-known for his unique brand of hip hop music and has garnered great acclaim from music enthusiasts worldwide. Currently touring India and conducting concerts across multiple cities, as well as representing food companies as a spokesperson and fitness trainer spokesman; serving as an inspiration to many who seek to pursue their dreams; coming from a poor family with no prior musical training whatsoever yet making an impression in hip hop industry is truly inspirational!

Though he is a star, he must still contend with issues of discrimination and negative fan comments. Additionally, he has faced several controversies during his career such as legal battles with former flames and an assault allegation. On top of being an accomplished rapper and having an enormous social media following.

Altaf Tadavi, better known by his stage name MC Stan, is one of India’s newest rap artists. Born August 30 in a family from Pune city’s slum areas and slowly making his way into hip-hop via hard work alone, MC Stan quickly rose through the ranks as a rapper before even finishing school and has garnered over 2.81 million subscribers on YouTube alone! Known for his unique flow – which some consider strange, while others find attractive – and constant interactions with fans online, as MC Stan constantly interacts with them through social media and interacts with fans regularly online and directly.

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About MC Stan’s Personal Information

Since winning Bigg Boss 16, MC Stan has become an international celebrity with an immense fan following. This success has granted him increased exposure and opened doors for him to collaborate with various brands in fashion, music, lifestyle and gaming & esports to promote their products or services.

Altaf Tadavi, better known by his stage name MC Stan, is one of India’s finest rappers. His unique rhyming style sets him apart from his contemporaries; some find his quirky flow disconcerting while others find it endearing. He enjoys a large following in Pune and has become an emerging star within hip-hop community.

Young rapper Shana Bann is currently dominating rap charts across India. Additionally, his album Insaan has also proven successful.

Though from a middle-class muslim family, he has made extraordinary achievements in hip-hop. Through hard work and determination he has built up an immense following across India and is an inspirational role model to young people today. Due to his fame he has attended multiple rap events and concerts around India.

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