8 students wounded in shooting at SEPTA bus stop in Philadelphia

Police say that eight Philadelphia teens waiting for their turn to get on a city bus following classes ended Wednesday were injured by shots fired by suspects who leapt from the car and fired which was the fourth shooting that has occurred on the public transit system in the span of a few days.

Police respond to a deadly shooting on a SEPTA bus in South Philadelphia.

Several people opened fire while the students attempted to board a bus around 3:00 p.m. local time, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel stated in a news conference. Police say the gunmen were wearing masks and the vehicle appeared to be a blue Hyundai Sonata. Teenagers from between the ages of 15-17, were escorted to local hospitals.

One 17-year-old, who was who was shot nine times across his chest, is in a critical condition. The other victims are stable according to the police. The police have not made any arrests at this time in connection with the shooting. Police later said that another victim was in a critical state. Other victims were reported to be stable.

Police responded to a deadly shooting on a SEPTA bus in South Philadelphia.

Police received several 911 calls regarding the possibility of a “mass shooting on the highway near Dunkin’ Donuts,” in the northeast of Philadelphia according to a spokesperson for the police Tanya Little.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said at a press conference that the teens were students at Northeast High School who were waiting for their bus according to the AP. He claimed that at around 3 p.m. Three people were seen getting out of the car that was parked near the location and fired more than 30 shots.

SEPTA bus in South Philadelphia.

The wounded teens were transported by ambulance to Einstein Medical Center and Jefferson Torresdale Hospital According the report of John Golden, a spokesperson for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, also known as SEPTA. Two buses -one two buses — a Route 18 bus and a Route 67 bus — were struck by gunfire however there was no report of injuries to passengers or drivers.

At night, the police released surveillance camera footage that showed the Hyundai in a parking area with its windshield wipers moving between. Three figures dressed wearing dark clothes erupted from the passenger side as well as both doors in the rear and ran across the parking lot, possibly towards buses.

A few people are visible leaving. Someone appears to be in the driver’s chair and controls the car in the direction of the three people, who then come back and swiftly pile inside. The vehicle then accelerates.

The windows of the vehicle were darkly tinted. The license plate was not known police stated. The vehicle was missing even an “H” emblem on the front grille. The department sought the public’s help in identifying suspects but cautioned against taking them into custody.

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