What Companies are in the Finance Field?

What Companies are in the Finance Field?

In today’s time, the biggest question comes from what Companies are in the Finance Field. The finance industry is an expansive field that encompasses numerous businesses and activities. Ranging from banks and insurance firms, investment firms, stock brokerage firms and stockbroking operations; banks play an essential part in global economy through the Finance Field industries’ role. Here we explore some of the leading firms from the finance field, their history and what they offer as services.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

JPMorgan Chase & Co is one of the US’s premier banks, operating across over 5,000 locations worldwide with 250,000+ employees employed worldwide. Established through a 2000 merger between JP Morgan & Co and Chase Manhattan Corporation, this multinational financial services provider offers banking, investment banking, asset management and wealth management.

Banking Services

Our bank provides services tailored specifically for both individuals and businesses alike. Services provided include checking/saving accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, and loans of different sorts.

Investment Banking Services

JPMorgan Chase’s Investment Banking division provides services including underwriting, mergers and acquisitions and securities trading. JPMorgan Chase is widely known for their charitable endeavors such as supporting small businesses and job creation; additionally in 2020 they pledged $30 billion over five years towards furthering racial equity initiatives.

Finance Field
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Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway, led by legendary investor Warren Buffett, is a conglomerate holding company known for owning various businesses including Geico, Duracell batteries and See’s Candies. Additionally, They are investors in firms like Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. In addition they hold shares in Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola, among others.


The company began as a textile manufacturing business established in 1839; but Buffett transitioned it into a holding company during his ownership during the 1960s.

Investing Strategy

Berkshire Hathaway has made its famous through its method to invest long-term, and serves as an excellent illustration of long-term investment that is successful. Warren Buffett famously stated his investing philosophy: to “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. was established in 1869, and New York City is home to its principal headquarters.


Goldman Sachs offers an assortment of products, including the investment banking industry, trading assets and securities, as well as Asset management.

Investment Banking Services.

Investment Banking Services include underwriting, mergers & acquisitions and securities trading.

Securities Services

Our Securities Services division offers trading and market making in equity, fixed income, currencies and commodities markets.

Investment Banking Services

Goldman Sachs’ Investment Management division provides various products to individuals and institutions alike, such as mutual funds, ETFs and separately managed accounts. However, recently Goldman has come under scrutiny due to a scandal involving mortgage-backed securities sold prior to 2008 financial crisis; settlements and fines related to this matter total billions.

American Express Company

American Express Company offers Finance Field services including credit cards, payment systems and travel-related products and services.


History Of This Company A company founded in New York in 1850 is currently located here in its present form.

Credit Card Services

American Express is widely recognized for their credit card services, offered to both consumers and businesses alike. Their cards feature cash back rewards, travel benefits and no annual fees – something all can take advantage of!

American Express Payment Systems

American Express not only offers merchants credit cards, but it also offers payment processing services that enable businesses to take payments from customers through a variety of payment options including checks, credit cards.

American Express Travel Services

Finally, American Express offers an assortment of travel-related services such as travel insurance and planning as well as airport lounge access. Furthermore, this company is actively involved with charitable efforts including supporting small businesses and increasing financial literacy education programs.

BlackRock Inc

BlackRock Inc is an investment management corporation founded in New York in 1988 that ranks amongst the world’s premier asset management firms.


BlackRock offers services for the finance field and asset management in a range of asset classes like actively managed funds such as index funds, exchange traded fund (ETFs).

Investment Strategy

BlackRock is best-known for its data-driven investment approach, using advanced technology and analytics to identify investment opportunities while mitigating risks and the finance field. BlackRock also takes part in sustainability initiatives like creating an ethical investing platform and its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


In conclusion, the Finance Field industry is an expansive and intricate realm that encompasses an abundance of businesses and activities. We explored only some companies within it in this article – just some examples being banking firms, investment companies, credit card providers and payment processors who play key roles in driving global economies forward. Whether your goal is investing stocks, managing finances or learning more about this space – becoming familiar with some key players within this finance field sector can provide invaluable knowledge!

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