‘Cosmic Lens’ is the first of Snapchat new AR Lenses driven by generative AI.

Today at its Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat revealed the launch of generative AI-powered AR Lenses. A new “Cosmic Lens” that transforms you and your surroundings into an engrossing animated sci-fi scenario is being introduced by the platform first.

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At the presentation, Snap CTO Bobby Murphy announced, “Today, we’re introducing a new generation of Lenses powered by Generative AI.” “AI and AR are closely related, enabling a wide range of new creative opportunities. Our goal is to easily integrate computers into daily life while also fostering a lively community of AR artists, developers, and partners.

Given that Snapchat previously joined the AI craze with its My AI chatbot, it is not unexpected that it is dipping its toes into the field of generative AI to improve its AR Lenses. It’s important to note that TikTok recently astounded viewers with its incredibly realistic AI-powered “Bold Glamour” filter, showing that Snapchat isn’t the only well-known social media site using AI to improve its AR products.

In addition to introducing generative AI Lenses, Snapchat also revealed that it is facilitating users’ ability to locate pertinent Lenses. The app will start suggesting Lenses that go well with a user’s uploaded image or video.

Image Credits: Snapchat

According to Snapchat, this will be accomplished by a combination of visual perception of what is visible in the camera’s field of vision and APIs that comprehend certain elements, such as the current time of day and local weather. Additionally, the business improved the AR Bar, so users can see hundreds of recommended Lenses arranged by category directly on the Camera screen. The firm has also pushed out updates to its Lens Carousel ranking algorithms to promote Lenses according to users’ individual interests.

Snapchat is also experimenting with ways to bring AR to Memories more quickly. In the Snapchat Camera, users will start to view their most recent photos alongside Lenses so they can quickly access them whenever they’re set to make a flashback Snap.

Image Credits: Snapchat

In addition to the news, Snapchat noted that over 3 million Lenses have been developed by over 300,000 AR developers and producers worldwide. The business also revealed that some of its most well-liked Lenses had received over 10 billion views.

Snap made a number of statements and debuted a number of new features for the app during the event today.

The firm is bringing new methods to communicate electronically with pals, as well as new Stories features, Snap Map upgrades, Bitmoji improvements, and more.

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