Louisville Shooting Update: Police say 5 dead and 8 Injured in Mass Shooting

KY (AP) – LOUISVILLE According to officials, at least 5 people were murdered and at least eight others were injured in a shooting that occurred inside the bank on Monday in downtown Louisville. Additionally killed was the alleged lone gunman. Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey of the Louisville Metro Police Division stated at a press conference that police arrived as gunfire was still being fired inside the Old National Bank and engaged the shooter in a firefight. It was unclear if the killer shot himself or was slain by police.

Louisville shooting
Louisville shooting

Louisville Shooting Live updates

Within three minutes of being called to the location, officers arrived and discovered the shooter was still active, he claimed. The suspect and they engaged in gunfire, police claimed, and the suspect was killed at the site. According to Humphrey, it’s unclear if the guy was shot and killed by an officer or died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Eight individuals, including two cops who were wounded, are being treated at a nearby hospital while 5 others were found dead inside. One of the policemen is seriously injured in Louisville Shooting.

Following the incident, two police officers and seven people were among the nine victims who were admitted to the University of Louisville Hospital, according to officials. According to a spokesperson, three of them have been released from the hospital.

An AR-15-style rifle was the weapon utilized during the attack, a federal law enforcement source informed CNN. Based on the 2021 National Firearms Survey, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle—the most common sports weapon in the US—has been possessed by around 24.6 million people.

In a number of the most horrific mass shootings in recent memory, including those that took place at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut, an Aurora, Colorado, theatre, a San Bernardino, California, the holiday party, and a Buffalo, New York, grocery store, the AR-15 and its offspring have been the weapon of choice and now Louisville Shooting.

Mayor Craig Greenberg expressed his gratitude for the “brave and heroic” first responders. Without a doubt, he claimed, their deeds “saved lives.”

Dawson Springs, the hometown of Steve Beshear, the previous two-term governor of Kentucky, was one of the communities decimated by tornadoes that ripped across Kentucky in late 2021. As a youngster, Andy Beshear made numerous visits to Dawson Springs and has spoken movingly about the place where his father was born.

The reacting cops in Louisville on Monday morning, according to deputy chief Humphrey, unquestionably saved lives.
According to a mass murders database kept by The Associated Press and USA Today in collaboration with Northeastern University, this year’s 15 mass shootings are the highest within the first hundred days of the year since 2009, when 16 events had happened by April 10.

The years with the most mass killings since 2006, the first year for which data has been kept, were 2019 and 2022, with 45 and 42 mass killings respectively documented over the whole calendar year. With 32 mass killings documented in 2009, the pace calmed down later in the year. nash

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